Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Watermark T-Shirts - Success? Yes!

First off - I want to point out that this was a fantastic tutorial.  Found HERE - The Instructions to the Watermark T-shirt done by Sweet Verbena (Just click on the link - this is her awesome Blob).  They were easy to read, and easy to do - but here are some of the issues that we had:

 So, I need to clarify before I get started on my "Issues" with the project.  We did this project at "Girls Camp" and I was limited on certain resources.  I was also catering to several young ladies that wanted to do more than one shirt - and I was limited on time.  So - first thing's first - Make sure that you (if you are doing it for a group) have plenty of buckets for the shirts.  I did each of these in 1 gallon buckets that we got at the dollar store.  ALSO - Make sure that you have plenty of the Gel glue.  I didn't realize how much glue one creative mind would go through when I got started with this.
 So, I didn't have plastic bin lids to pull the prepared shirts over - I used (Instead) cardboard that I cut out.  the issue with this is that the glue will pass on through and stick to the cardboard.  and after you let the shirt dry fully , then you have to peel it from the cardboard - so if you can help it, don't do that.  And, follow her instructions - make sure that you have gloves to cover your hands - I am still trying to get blue dye out of my cuticles. :)
 Also - Drying time took quite a bit of time - one day for the prepared / Glued shirt.  Plus, since we did this at girls camp - the overall time took three days - one day for prepared shirt and glue to dry - one day for the dyed shirt to dry, and the third day we washed by hand and let dry.  Overall though, this craft was a huge success - make sure that you follow the RIT Dye instructions so that your colors will set, and they will turn out perfectly.  We washed the shirts when we got home from camp and the color is just a few shades lighter than in the images, but they turned out perfectly.

I hope you enjoy   -   this craft was a BIG success for us!

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