Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nutter Butter flip Flop Cookies

So - I actually did not bring this craft to girls camp this summer - my fearless leader did.  However, I had seen it on Pinterest - so I figured that since it was such a huge success with the girls - I would post it here.  The Pinterest link that I found for it (the one that I had pinned) was found at "Come together Kids" - But as I continued to look around , I see that there are several places that also did this craft.

It is - SUPER - EASY.  You just need a bag of nutter butters (And hope that they do not get eaten to quickly by ravenous teenagers) - and some tubes of decorators frosting.  The small tubes meant for decorating are really the best.  And then let them go crazy decorating their flip flops - Here are some of our own creations!

Don't forget - you can use decorator's icing and small beaded candies and all sorts of things - the possibilities for shoes are endless...  Totally easy and delicious craft!

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