Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vinyl Water Bottles

Another great tutorial that we found for Girls Camp - Vinyl Water Bottles.  The original post that I found was on DittleDattle and she also did a great job of explaining how to make these.

 Now - she made them for Valentines day - but we did ours for Girls camp.  She was right - the glossy vinyl holds up really well with water.  I didn't have a single problem once we got the vinyl affixed to the bottles.  Therein was one issue though - I let the girls do this but due to the curves on the bottles I would recommend making sure that as they affix their names, lift and smooth out any wrinkles before taking all of the transfer tape off - they were in such a rush to get them done that there was a lot of fixing afterwards.

I used my Pazzles machine to cut out the vinyl and I chose different fonts - though DittleDattle used "Loki Cola" I went through several different sites to find free fonts that I felt would work better for what I was doing.  My best recommendation would be that you measure your bottle before you start cutting your own vinyl, I did have a few issues with that - but otherwise, they were perfect!  Thank you for the tutorial DittleDattle - these turned out to be an amazing camp craft!

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